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Given name: Simon A.


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Articles (31): A Perspective on Counting Catalytic Active Sites and Rates of Reaction Using X-Ray Spectroscopy A new class of Cu/ZnO catalysts derived from zincian georgeite precursors prepared by co-precipitation An Investigation of the Effect of the Addition of Tin to 5 %Pd/TiO2for the Hydrogenation of Furfuryl Alcohol An investigation of the effect of carbon support on ruthenium/carbon catalysts for lactic acid and butanone hydrogenation Au–Pd Nanoparticles Dispersed on Composite Titania/Graphene Oxide-Supports as a Highly Active Oxidation Catalyst Base-free glucose oxidation using air with supported gold catalysts Characterisation of ethylene adsorption on model skeletal cobalt catalysts by inelastic and quasi-elastic neutron scattering Deactivation of a Single-Site Gold-on-Carbon Acetylene Hydrochlorination Catalyst: An X-ray Absorption and Inelastic Neutron Scattering Study Dehydrative Etherification Reactions of Glycerol with Alcohols Catalyzed by Recyclable Nanoporous Aluminosilicates: Telescoped Routes to Glyceryl Ethers Elucidating the Role of CO2 in the Soft Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane over Ceria-Based Catalysts Evaluating the Activity and Stability of Perovskite LaMO3-Based Pt Catalysts in the Aqueous Phase Reforming of Glycerol Homocoupling of Phenylboronic Acid using Atomically Dispersed Gold on Carbon Catalysts: Catalyst Evolution Before Reaction Identification of single-site gold catalysis in acetylene hydrochlorination Identification of structural changes in CaCu3Ti4O12 on high energy ball milling and their effect on photocatalytic performance In situ K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy of the ligand environment of single-site Au/C catalysts during acetylene hydrochlorination Lithium-Directed Transformation of Amorphous Iridium (Oxy)hydroxides To Produce Active Water Oxidation Catalysts Mechanochemical synthesis of copper manganese oxide for the ambient temperature oxidation of carbon monoxide Operando potassium K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy: investigating potassium catalysts during soot oxidation Perovskite Supported Catalysts for the Selective Oxidation of Glycerol to Tartronic Acid Preparation of a highly active ternary Cu-Zn-Al oxide methanol synthesis catalyst by supercritical CO2 anti-solvent precipitation Ruthenium Nanoparticles Supported on Carbon: An Active Catalyst for the Hydrogenation of Lactic Acid to 1,2-Propanediol Stable amorphous georgeite as a precursor to a high-activity catalyst Supercritical Antisolvent Precipitation of Amorphous Copper–Zinc Georgeite and Acetate Precursors for the Preparation of Ambient‐Pressure Water‐Gas‐Shift Copper/Zinc Oxide Catalysts Supercritical antisolvent precipitation of TiO2 with tailored anatase/rutile composition for applications in redox catalysis and photocatalysis Synchrotron Radiation and Catalytic Science The Effects of Secondary Oxides on Copper‐Based Catalysts for Green Methanol Synthesis The effect of sodium species on methanol synthesis and water–gas shift Cu/ZnO catalysts: utilising high purity zincian georgeite The influence of phase purity on the stability of Pt/LaAlO3 catalysts in the aqueous phase reforming of glycerol The preparation of large surface area lanthanum based perovskite supports for AuPt nanoparticles: tuning the glycerol oxidation reaction pathway by switching the perovskite B site The surface of iron molybdate catalysts used for the selective oxidation of methanol The use of carbon monoxide as a probe molecule in spectroscopic studies for determination of exposed gold sites on TiO2

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